ELD Vintage Open – A New Beginning

ELD Vintage Open June 16th | TO Report & Results Fourteen players arrived to battle for incredible prizes, and perhaps more important, the right to call themselves the inaugural ELD Vintage Open Champion. First place was guaranteed to be a Revised Booster pack and a […]

Tinkering with the future

Old Gods is a soon to be launched line of gaming accessories for the discerning gamer. Crafted from leather and wood with a blend of technology and craftsmanship, Old Gods will be the choice for one of a kind commissions to take your game to […]


Brainstorm MTG is answering a call to do more in the world of Magic. Since the release of Revised, I’ve been organizing eternal events, trading and playing the best card game in existence. It’s time to explore some new territory – here I share that journey. Today I lay out some of the main functions of the site.

Project Pixel explores Magic: The Gathering art by creating large mosaics using cards throughout Magic’s history. Starting with digital works, the process of creating large physical mosaics has begun as of January 2018. I’ll share progress on Project Pixel as I develop and refine the process of creating these breathtaking works of art.

Video Archive is the home of the most memorable matches filmed at various FLGS’s throughout New England and beyond. My favorite spot is Scholars Games, which hosted my first Vintage tournament over 15 years ago. Now owned by “Pyle” Souza, Scholars continues to support eternal formats with Weekly Legacy and exciting Vintage and Legacy events year-round. You can see the entire archive on the BrainstormMTG YouTube Channel.

Cypto & Cardboard (C&C) is being developed to facilitate trading Magic cards for Cryptocurrencies. We trade in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and Litecoin for any and all Magic cards and sealed product, and vice versa. This project has so many ways it can improve, but for now, you can start a trade by e-mailing me at

I developed the worlds first leather playmats out of wanting a truly heirloom quality accessory. The cards we use so often share the journey with us, but our accessories are left behind – they are made to be disposable. Playmats don’t need to be. By crafting from the finest leathers, your mat will travel with you on your adventures, growing more valuable to you as time passes.